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[Random] In the middle of 2016

Day by day, my infamous sakumiya getting more infamous.. okay.. i'm okay.. LoL


Hihihi but no, i'm not going to write about my sakumiya this time, just want to say "o hisashiburi" www ... to let people know that my account is still active.

So, even fandom life can not help me to escape from real life, anymore www. Because recently, i just enjoyed arashi thingy by myself, not like the old time when i have some friends (that speak same language as me, because i'm too lazy to have convo in English www) to share with.

But, ii koto mo aru yo.. hihihi i have more time to play with my college friend. And yesterday we went to this place.


hihihi... and this is me, maybe some of you notice our match jersey? www

WhatsApp-Image-20160724 (1)

Ah, i've been preparing some crafts for my friend bday, and my bestfriend's newborn baby (called baby J, yes J). I will make different post about my recent crafts.

Yeay!! Let's be happy everyday.


[Crafts] Welcome new babies

Long time no see~~

Just finished some babies,,, here we go!!!

#1 Neko!Satoshi... tanned face lol (Pattern can be found here)

#2 Jellyfish babies (Pattern can be found here)

~Rainbow jellyfish for my friend bday I hope she like it ...

~the other one.. pink kurara chan hahaha for my friend baby girl 1st bday... i hope it would not scared her lol...

Yeay!!!! She finally wear the pink polka dress i sewed for her previous time ^_^ i'm so happy.. hope she will love this kurara chan ..

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It's not that i love the current me, i just can't go back to the old me...


#This is a super late post

Just wanna say thank you~ 😭

Kimi to deatta no wa tada guuzen jyanai~

Not about what i get and what you give~ it's about our precious memories..

Thanks~ chibipinkpetals

Happy 5x16 Arashians ^_^

[Crafts] Lonely no more


Finally~ finished my Neko!Sho 💞 So happy for Neko!Nino.. Long last for you two hihihi~

[Crafting] Xstitch

Tada!!! Finished~ finally~ but... ooops!!

Oops!! Wrong color order .. Sumimasen no sekai desu...

Will make another one with right color order ...


[Crafting] Ninoneko

Say hi to me please!!

Ah!! I have a cute mole! You should know~ www

^_^ ninoneko so cute!! I was planning to make him shoneko~ but seems like i bought wrong yarn.. lol

And what now??!

I'll show you later~ ..

Otanome Nino!!

Sakumiya VS Nopmeita

Ojichantachi and -soon to be- obachantachi playing jenga. Super random but yeah.. what so coincidence (‘jjj’) . We took this pic like last year ... and the real sakumiya got inspired by us. LOL this pis was the reason why i bought my very first magazine with Arashi -Sakumiya- in it. ♥



Lol.. she told me i'm being Ohchan recently because i'm addicted to baking lol..

It has been a long time actually. And i started to do baking again. Hihihi...

1. My first  Cheese cake .... ♥ Topping: nuttela and strawberry hihihihi (will attach recipe's source link later)

2. I modified cheese cake with matcha powder ^_^ yummy!!!

3. Yeay!! Matcha custard cream pan kitaaaaa~ i did it after like trying for 87635429 times XD (kidding) ...

4. Hihihi fresh from the oven!! What are the fillings?? Let's peek!!

Wowww!! Sausage+Cheese+Tomato sauce

Aaaaaaah!! Melted!! *gulp* I mixed cream cheese + milk + sugar + corn starch and lemonade extract so freshhh and yummy!!



Baked today (15.05.22) Greentea Cream Puff ♥